About Us

The firm Archvegetal was founded in 2013 by bringing together innovative technological know-how with experience in the field of arboriculture and landscape architecture. However, the story began several years back when one of the partners, Luboš Machala, began to explore modern garden architecture during his studies.

His interest in innovation and desire to experiment led him to a company in France and together with his partner, Lukas Špetlík, they managed to push technological methods beyond the seemingly impossible.


Luboš Machala

While studying management of landscape architecture, Luboš became interested in the latest trends in the field. As a freelancer, he implemented a number of smaller projects where he gained experience and had opportunity to experiment.

Green walls soon enthralled him so much that he decided to specialize fully in the implementation of this multifunctional design element. His greatest current ambition is to set the trend in the field to return greenery where urban development has taken away its natural space.

“Our walls have immediate effect, their implementation is fast and we take pride in their long-term sustainability at low cost. We always proceed from detail to the whole, from individual plants to the impressive design. Thanks to this procedure, we are very flexible regarding the scope and atypical character of each individual implementation. We are not afraid to accept challenges.”


Lukáš Špetlík

Luke-5After graduating from his studies of garden and landscaping, Lukáš completed a year internship focused on the management of trees in the American Morris Arboretum. After that, he lived alternately in the Czech Republic and London for several years, where he took care of protected trees in the Royal Park. In parallel, he founded the company Na Strom which focused on arboriculture and working at heights. In 2012, he opened a cafe in his hometown Turnov called Panorama, where the first green wall in public space was implemented under the name Archvegetal. Thanks to Lukáš’s experience with working at heights and knowledge in the field of arboriculture, the company is able to provide complete service for all implemented walls.

“We’re not trying to conquer nature. On the contrary, we always assume natural tendencies of growth of individual plant species, for which we can provide natural conditions even in an unusual setting of the vertical surface. Green walls preserve all benefits of living nature, playful colours and natural variability over time.”


ArchVegetal s.r.o.

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